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We were very impressed with the operation, look and quick change aspect of the brushes. The technical team knew exactly what we wanted and the installation was done methodically and with great expertise.

Bob Patterson, Northumbrian Water

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Article By Ben Cottam

1st January 2020

Our Technical team often end up in “interesting” places, but sewerage treatment works are definitely one of the less aromatic!


Industrial and domestic sewerage goes through a number of treatment phases to enable it to be safely returned to our rivers and seas and the plants have stringent parameters to work within.  This is where weir brushes come in.

Brushes are used at many points in the sewerage treatment process, but one of the most recognisable to the layman is on the large arms which travel around the circular tanks scraping away any build up from the tank weirs and preventing further contamination or solids from entering the effluent.

Cottam Consultant, Nigel Hutchinson, works exclusively on the development of this product and says “Working within our local area we were coming across sites where replacing brushes could mean a full days lost production and the necessity to plan changeovers in line with the demands on the maintenance engineers.  It was clear that an improvement was needed and we’ve worked extensively to develop a product which solves both problems.”


The resulting Quick Change Weir Brush has been met with much relief by plant managers and maintenance teams alike. “The Cottam Brush cleans the launder channel much better and we are able to reduce the time spent on changing the brushes due to the quick release carrier head bracket.  We can also remove the brush and turn it around to get extra life out of the brush heads” comments one satisfied team leader.

The Quick Change Weir Brush will bring significant cost saving.  The average changeover time is reduced from approx 8 hours to 1 hour. In addition the design of the brush enables each site to store one multipurpose brush which can fit in any required position.