Eel Pass Flexi Brushes
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We contacted Cottam to design a solution which would provide the same excellent level of performance while adapting to changing environmental and spatial conditions. They developed a solution which is not only effective but can be customised to any installation.

Andy Don, Environment Agency

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Article By John Davison

1st January 2020

An innovative solution to preserve an endangered species.

Eel passes are installed to assist eel migration around man made obstacles in rivers. Traditional eel passes are rigid and do not allow for tidal fluctuations or changes in water levels. 

We worked collaboratively with the ENVIRONMENT AGENCY to develop a flexible backed brush designed to accommodate variations in the positioning of the fish ladder.

Several materials were tested in order to ensure the maximum performance under different conditions. High spec materials were selected and used in manufacture to ensure consistent performance. Samples were then tested and the results monitored.

Development of the flexible eel pass brush substrate was the first stage in overcoming problematic installs where a rigid linear substrate would require modification to the site. Although the current rigid brush element worked effectively in a fixed position, it could not adjust when installed as part of a self-regulating eel pass.