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Cottam provide professional, quality products often working within tight time constraints to meet seasonal demand changes.  We receive excellent service in all aspects of our dealings

David Brotherton, Logic Manufacturing

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Logic Manufacturing specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment for a range of agricultural applications including grounds maintenance, equestrian and forestry.   

Our partnership with Logic spans 3 decades and we have enjoyed mutual success from the development of innovative products as well as assisting their development of a robust and flexible supply chain. We have adapted to easily cope with seasonal demand for product and collaborated on logistics solutions which involve the transfer and replenishment of dedicated storage modules.

Logic's in house design capability is extended through their partnership with our design team and when new opportunities arise our collaborative approach results in high performance solutions.

Our initial success came with the development of a multi-section rotary brush featuring a blend of fibres selected for their performance with the chemicals and the environment in which the brush is used.